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2018-11-08: CanadaWTX Inc. signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Hong Kong subsidiary of China Resources Group to establish a platform company in Tianjin for financing start-up companies based on water focused technologies developed under the CanadaWTX inc. agreements with and licensed from Chinese researchers. China Resources Group is a major Chinese enterprise with over 1.3 trillion Yuan in assets largely focused on manufacturing.

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2021-03-26: CanadaWTX Inc. secured rights to a novel air filtering medium with the issue of Chinese patent # 4319681, “Porous bead on string filter medium”. The filter medium is manufactured on standa

2019-07-03: CanadaWTX Inc. obtained worldwide rights to the SSVI apparatus for sewage sludge settling measurement developed at the University of Ottawa from Prof Ronald Droste. The license is for ten

2019-03-01: CanadaWTX Inc. established a wholly owned company in Tianjin to license and commercialize research developed in China globally. The subsidiary located in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone

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