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CanadaWTX Inc aims to provide a platform for commercialization of the most promising Canadian research and development from the Canadian Water Technology Exchange (CWTX) in Canada and Nankai University in China. CWTX is the research group developing technologies and platforms via a network of universities. It is spurred by progressive water policies, with world-renowned research and teaching institutions. Technology exchanges allow advanced technologies developed in Canada to be applied to meet the most pressing water needs in Canada and other countries, also allow import of novel technologies developed in other countries.

A key recent focus has been China, where there are huge water-related problems, and need to maintain sustainable development and improve the quality of life of its citizens, driven by China's rapid industrialization, urbanization, and changing climate. Collaborative research between CanadaWTX Inc. and Sino-Canada Joint R&D Center on Water and Environmental Safety of Nankai University (SCWE) creates a unique opportunity for us to bring Canadian technologies, companies, and expertise into the massive Chinese market.

Our Mission

  • To become a global player in the water treatment and management market with world-class technologies and platforms.

  • To promote and Commercialize Canadian Research, Technologies, Products and Services globally.

  • To facilitate Canadian SMEs to demonstrate and profit from their technologies globally

Our Team


Chris Twigge-Molecey

P.Eng., FCIM, FCAE, Chair

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Jeanne Huang

Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Director

Chris is a Senior Advisor to Hatch Ltd, consulting engineers, project and construction managers, where he has worked for 48 years. He has held a wide range of both technical and management positions. He is a past president and a fellow of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, a past director and member of the executive committee of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council, a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and a past director of the Canada-China Business Council. He has over 80 publications and plenary presentations as well as contribution to, or editing, 8 books. Chris obtained his first degree in Mechanical Sciences from the University of Cambridge, followed by a fluid mechanics from the University of Toronto.

Professor Jeanne Jinhui Huang is the executive director of the Sino-Canada Joint R&D Centre on Water and Environmental Safety, a full professor in the college of Environmental Science and Engineering at Nankai University and an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph, Canada since 2009. She is also the Chair, International Affairs Committee of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (the oldest learned engineering society in Canada, founded in 1887) and committee member of the working group on water, World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). Dr. Huang was elected a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (FCSCE) in 2015 and elected as member of the World leadership team, Hydroinformatics, IWA/IAHR in 2012. Before she went back to China from Canada in early 2010, she held several engineering positions in the US, Canada and China and has worked on consulting projects in countries including Canada, the USA, South America, the Middle East and China.


James Li

Ph.D., Director and Secretary/Treasurer

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Ghani Razaqpur

FCAE, Director

Professor James Li is a tenured environmental engineering full professor at Ryerson University in Canada, a Lecture Professor of Nankai University’s College of Environmental Science and Engineering in China, Canadian Water Network’s International Stormwater Expert, Ontario Stakeholder Committee member of the Ontario Low Impact Development Guidelines 2019, the 2016 11th Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference’s Invited Foreign Expert on Sponge City Technology, a licensed professional engineer in Canada, and the Diplomate of American Water Resource Engineers Academy in USA. His current research focuses on urban stormwater management, eco-hydrology and eco-hydraulics. For the past 30 years, Prof. Li has provided technical services and advices to Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments and collaborated with Nankai University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Hong Kong, and City of Tianjin in Asia.


Dr. Ghani Razaqpur is Chair Professor and National 1000 Talent Foreign Expert in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering at Nankai University. Before joining Nankai in 2017, he was Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering Department at McMaster University in Canada. He is Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE). He is also a former President of CSCE. He received the CSCE 2012 A.B. Sanderson Award, given to an individual for outstanding contributions to the development and practice of structural engineering in Canada, the 2015 Leipholz Medal, for outstanding contribution to the development and application of engineering mechanics and the Canadian Standards Association Award of Merit for major contributions and commitment to standards development. He has served, and is serving, on the editorial boards of several journals and chairs the technical committees of several design standards in Canada. He has published nearly 100 papers in top international journals and more than 100 papers in conferences in the areas of structural engineering, mechanics, construction materials, passive solar energy use in buildings and sustainable construction.  He has also served as consultant to all levels of government in Canada and to industries in Canada and the US.


Ravi Selvagnapathy

Ph.D., Director


Edward McBean

Ph.D., P.Eng., FCAE, Scientific Advisor

Dr. P. Ravi Selvaganapathy is a Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University and the Canada Research Chair in Biomicrofluidics. His research interests are in microfluidic devices and artificial organs. He has also worked on personnel protective equipment over the past 5 years. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in micromanufacturing, microfluidics and materials development which has resulted in 110 journal publications, 50 conference publications, 35 invited talks and 8 patents. His research has won several best paper awards and highlighted on journal covers. He won the Early Researchers Award in 2010 and has been named as a Rising Star in Global Health in 2012. He has extensive research experience in the development of environmental monitoring sensors and has commercialized several technologies particularly for drinking water monitoring. He leads Canada’s largest collaboration on developing low cost environmental sensors for monitoring surface, waste, ground and drinking water.

Dr. Edward McBean is a Fellow of Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada, and recipient of numerous national and international awards. Ed is a Professor of Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph, and is also Research Leadership Chair Professor, Water Security. Ed has been a Canada Research Chair in Water Supply Security at Guelph for fourteen years.  As well, Ed has been Executive Director of the Canada Water Technology Exchange, a consortium of 37 premiere professors in water research, from 22 of the universities across Canada. Ed’s professional career includes more than forty years with nine of those years as a Vice-President of a large engineering company, and more than three decades as a professor at Guelph and Waterloo universities.


Rosemary Niechcial

P.Eng., Technical Advisor

Rosemary is a specialist in water treatment and infrastructure who integrates the technical requirements of a project with the contractual model that most cost-effectively delivers. Her global roles have focused on developing critical infrastructure under a variety of contractual models, such as EPC/M, DBFO, BOT, and establishing key partnerships to create Special Purpose Companies to successfully execute. Her experience extends from mining and energy to the public sector working on P3's in Canada, Australian Alliance models in Australia, and IWPP's in the Middle East. Her specific technical expertise includes desalination and mine water treatment, with particular knowledge of water issues in the Americas. She has worked on numerous desalination projects in Chile for mining clients.

Scientific Advisory Board


Edward McBean

Professor at University of Guelph


Catherine Mulligan

Professor at Concordia University


Ronald Droste

Professor, Chair of Department of Civil Engineering at University of Ottawa


Brent Sleep

Professor, Chair of Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering at University of Toronto

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